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The Card Is Going To Change


Sep 25, 2017

This week we discuss our Wrestlerager 2 event and everything that went into planning the event including the people who we attempted to book and how we got in touch with The...

Sep 18, 2017

This week we are joined by several of the AIW students to discuss the different incarnations of the AIW Academy and what led them to sign up and become professional wrestlers.

Sep 11, 2017

This week we are joined by "Weirdbody" Evan Adams as we recap our "Enter The 36 Cryonic Chambers" event and this podcast takes a weird turn as Evan talks about his time as a traveling carnival worker.

1. Philly Marino Experience vs. The Young Studs
2. Frankie Flynn vs. Kurt Hurtz
3. Dedication Personified vs. The...

Sep 4, 2017

This week we stray from our usual format as we sit down with former WCW star Glacier and discuss his 20+ year career including how he almost wound up in the WWE after WCW closed.