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The Card Is Going To Change


Sep 11, 2017

This week we are joined by "Weirdbody" Evan Adams as we recap our "Enter The 36 Cryonic Chambers" event and this podcast takes a weird turn as Evan talks about his time as a traveling carnival worker.

1. Philly Marino Experience vs. The Young Studs
2. Frankie Flynn vs. Kurt Hurtz
3. Dedication Personified vs. The Jollyville Fuck-Its
4. Dominic Garrini vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
5. The Production (Colby Redd & Derek Director) vs. Weird World
6. The Duke vs. Big Twan Tucker
7. AJ Gray vs. Parker Pierce
8. Chase Oliver, Garrison King & Tre Lamar vs. Johnathan Wolf, Malcolm Monroe III & Myron Reed
9. Joshua Bishop vs. Mance Warner
10. Glacier vs. Joey Janela