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The Card Is Going To Change


Jun 3, 2019

This week we break down AIW's Wrestlemania weekend event "Slumber Party Massacre" and we even talk a little bit of the Phil Baroni nonsense that went on throughout the weekend. 


1. Mexican Death: La Familia de Tijuana vs. Young Studs
2. Summit Or Surrender: Dominic Garrini vs. Joshua Bishop
3. AIW Tag Team Championship: Jollyville Fuck-Its vs. Philly Marino Experience vs. The Production vs. To Inifinity and Beyond(c)
4. Eddie Kingston vs. Shinjiro Otani
5. Scott Steiner vs. Swoggle
6. Colt Cabana & Space Monkey vs. Ethan Page vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
7. Mance Warner vs. Nick Gage
8. AIW Absolute Championship: Matthew Justice vs. PB Smooth(c) vs. Tim Donst vs. Tom Lawlor