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The Card Is Going To Change


Jan 14, 2019

Swoggle returns this week as the moderator of sorts as he is joined by John Thorne and Eddie Kingston to discuss AIW's "Rubber City Con" which took place in November of 2018.

Jan 7, 2019

We kick off 2019 with a podcast that has been years in the making, we finally sit down with cult AIW phenomenon Kaplan as we discuss his insane life and what led him to the AIW Wrestling Academy. 

Dec 17, 2018

For long time independent wrestling fans this is a must listen as we dive deeper into the career of Josh Prohibition this week as he gives incredible details on the infamous jump from CZW to XPW in 2003 and much more! 

Dec 10, 2018

We finally sit down with Independent Wrestling legend Josh Prohibition as we discuss the early days of his career and how he became the poster boy of Backyard Wrestling in the early 2000's. Josh discusses everything including how the Best OF Backyard Video series happened, appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show,...

Dec 3, 2018

This week we sit down and recap AIW's  "Zero Cool" event which took place in October. 


1. The Party Never Stops (Parker Pierce & Twan Tucker) vs. Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan)
2. BMD vs. Brian Carson vs. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham vs. Rex Brody vs. Ryder Reid vs. TKD
3. Allie Kat vs. Zoey Skye
4. The...