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The Card Is Going To Change


Aug 16, 2022

1.Drago VS.Jack Evans

2.Marino Tenaglia VS.Joseline Navvaro

3.Chase Oliver VS. Alec Price

4.Derek Dillinger VS. Mikey Montgomery

5.Dominic Garrini VS. Adam Priest

6.Ernest Miller VS. Casey Carrington

7.Dalton Castle VS.Colin Delaney

8.Wes Barkley VS.Cheech

9.Isiah Broner VS.Philly Collins

10.Kaplan VS.Jackson...

Aug 2, 2022

Recorded live at Great Lakes Wrestle Fest on 7/30/22 featuring many special guests including Bill Alfonso, Joshua Bishop, Philly Collins, Derek Dillinger, and more!