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The Card Is Going To Change


Jul 25, 2016

Tales of Booking the Territory Guys

Terry Funk. Colonel Robert Parker. Bunkhouse Buck.

We all know how it was back in the territory days. But how is it booking the territory guys?

No cellphones, no social media, no email. Sometimes it's hard to book some of the old-school favorites. AIW co-owners John Thorne and...

Jul 18, 2016

AIW has logged miles and miles of road over the years. And what comes with all that travel?

Stories. Lots of them.

AIW co-owners John Thorne and Chandler Biggins join Glenn Moore to discuss some of the more crazier road stories from their days of traveling. From getting pulled over by cops without knowing there is weed...

Jul 11, 2016

The History of Girls Night Out

From the start of Girls Night Out to discussing some of the highlights from the women's show of AIW, co-owners John Thorne and Chandler Biggins go in deep about one of their staple shows.

How did the show get it's idea? Who were some of the featured women early on in the show's history?...

Jul 4, 2016

What's in the Basement, Klopek? Recap

The trials and tribulations of being a professional wrestling promoter.

From last-minute cancellations to flights not going according to schedule, it can be a hard job to put on a wrestling show.

AIW co-owners John Thorne and Chandler Biggins join Glenn Moore to recap their latest...